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Haley Hoerr, PT, DPT Testimonial

I have been following Wesley on Instagram and have joined his ACL mastermind group, which I feel is such a great tool and resource. I feel that his exercise ideas and breakdowns are very well thought out and easy to incorporate into my own treatments, which is very helpful. He explains his reasoning with exercises and encourages health professionals to use their clinical decision making skills when creating treatment plans and progressions. He emphasizes the importance of doing better and being better therapists for the athletic population. I think his IG platform and his ACL mastermind group have been super helpful for myself and treatments with my patients. These resources are outstanding and it really shows his passion for what he does and helps spread that desire to improve ACL outcomes. -

The ACL Mastermind Group currently consists of OVER 225 videos!


ACL injuries are one of the most common injuries in sports and the recovery process is extremely complex. I believe ACL tears are one of the most mismanaged injuries and many people do not get care they deserve.

There is no formal education for properly rehabbing ACL tears and this is my way of solving this problem. I want to provide educational content where people can learn how to properly rehabilitate ACLs from start to finish.

What exactly does the ACL Mastermind Group offer?

My ultimate goal is to provide practical information based on research and my clinical experience that you can apply immediately to your patients. This ACL Mastermind Group consists of two primary components. First, there will be a continuously growing database of ACL rehabilitation video content including evaluations, assessments, case studies, exercises and sports specific movements. The content will cover immediate post-op to late stage exercises and return to sport assessments. The videos will range from short clips of exercises with written content to detailed verbal explanations. New videos will be added every one to two weeks. Second, there will be a private forum group where everyone can engage in conversation, post articles, and discuss difficult cases.

Who is this group intended for?

This group was designed for anyone that works with athletes recovering from ACL injuries and wants to learn more about the rehabilitation process. This includes physical therapists, physiotherapists, strength coaches, athletic trainers and others.

Can this content be used for non-ACL patients?

A significant amount of this content can definitely be used for all lower extremity rehab for athletes. My goal is to provide an organized library of rehabilitation content that can be used for all lower extremity patients.

Can I invite my friends?

Of course! I designed this group to be beneficial for everyone and genuinely believe the private forum will be big learning platform as well. Copy and paste thing link to them,

What are some bonuses included in the group?

I have reached out to other well-respected physical therapists that have extensive experience treating ACL tears. They have agreed to be included in the group and will be participating in the forum as well as providing guest video content periodically.

What type of late stage exercises will be included?

I believe this is one of the most mismanaged areas of ACL rehab. These types of exercises will include advanced strengthening, deceleration, change of direction/cutting, plyometrics, sport specific exercises and more.

How much does it cost?

Currently $20 per month

How will the content be organized?

The content will be organized in primary categories such as evaluation, immediate post-operative exercises, quadricep strengthening exercises, hamstring strengthening exercises, deceleration exercises, etc. Additionally, within each main category will be sub-categories to identify the difficulty level of each exercise.

How will I be able to access the videos?

The video can only be accessed through a log-in which you will receive after making the payment.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at anytime without penalty.

Do you offer any refund policy?

There is currently no refund policy, but you can cancel immediately and will not be charged for the next month.

Will I lose access to the membership if I stop paying?

Yes, much like netflix and other membership programs, the content is only accessible for paying customers.

What if I have questions?

Please don't hesitate to e-mail me directly at [email protected].


Get immediate access to my ACL rehabilitation content through the ACL Mastermind Group.


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